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35" Cuda Kit



Extended Description

35” ‘Cuda Kit
The laser cut 35” wing span ‘Cuda is the “big brother” to the 26” version. With its unique forward swept wing design, it will turn heads at every flying event. We have pushed the 35” over 120mph so far. It goes exactly where you tell it to, when you tell it to.   The only real difference between the 26” and 35” Cuda is that the roll rate is a bit slower on the 35”.  I like to add LED’s inside of the frame before covering as it makes for one heck of a fun night flyer!   All CAD work was done by our resident Team Engineer, Joel Dirnberger


Laser cut balsa and plywood
35” wingspan
25” Length
2lbs Ready to fly weight

Power systems:

High End RC Typhoon 4W
APC 5.25x6.25 prop
Castle Creations Phoenix Edge Lite 50 ESC
MPI 28mm Motor mount
This power system will fly excellent on 3S or 4S with no changes. 3S speed will be around 90mph. 4S will be approx 120mph

Cobra 2217/8 2300kv
APC 6x4 prop
Castle Creations Phoenix Edge Lite 50A
3S or 4S 2200-4000

Parts Included:

2 Dubro 2/56 quick link control rods
2 Laser cut control horns
4 Rare earth magnets for the hatches
4 Carbon wing spars
2 Brass wing joiner tubes
8/32 blind nuts and machine screws for wing mounting
Inrunner and outrunner mounting option


Motor (inrunner or outrunner)
Motor mount (X mount for outrunner, clam shell type mount for inrunner)
Battery (3s or 4s 2200 - 4000)
2 Servos
Covering 1-2 rolls
Wood glue (Titebond III and or med CA)

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