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Rampage Six Pack



Extended Description

This airplane,designed by my local buddy Randy and perfected by Laines Planes, is the combat plane of choice for the Grand Island Modelers.  We have a ton of fun trying to knock eachother out of the air with these.  Some people add a spar, some dont.  I guess it depends on how long you expect it to survive in combat.  It will practically hover, it will turn on a dime and it will climb straight up until you tell it to stop.  If you're looking for good time, check the bathroom walls at your local truck stop or build a handful of these combat planes and get silly with your buddies.

We sell these individually at shows but we will only ship them 6 or more at a time due to packaging limitations and shipping costs.  We will make an excetion for you for the low low price of $36,000,000. 

29" wingspan
Ready to fly weight is appox 1lbs
Speed is about 50mph

Laser cut airframe
2/56 kwik link control rods
plastic control horns

Required parts:
2-12g MG servos
2000ish KV outrunner
7x4 prop
30 amp esc
3S 1300-2200 lipo

Build time is about 1 hour with hot glue.  Flight time on a 3S 2200 is a bit over 12 minutes depending on how you fly (unless your arch nemesis knocks you out of the air because you fly like a girly man).

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